Air duct cleaning

The air that surrounds you every day is unpurified , causing a tremendous amount of harm to your overall health. Clogged air ducts are among the most notorious sources for polluted air, and they are all around you. This is why it is a pressing matter to contact qualified air duct cleaning companies, such as ourselves, to assist in establishing a healthier environment – whether that be at your personal or professional residence.

You can entrust us, here at Summit Duct Cleaning, that we will perform an outstanding job.

Premium Inspections

Inspections allow our technicians to pinpoint the exact source of the issue. We begin with an examination of the stack emissions; this is referred to as a stack test. This is a test to determine the amount of pollutants found throughout the air.  Following the stack test, our technicians will perform a routine check on your furnace, where the air ducts are located. From there, we will consolidate our findings and explain the next steps to take.

We Deliver Excellence!

What makes us different from the other companies out there are our commitment and ethics. Although our competitors may temporarily alleviate the problem, we ensure that our professionals will not be returning to the premises. It is with certainty that we say our technicians will resolve the issue the first time around.

Experience the best air cleaning in Raleigh!

The steps involved in air duct cleaning are simple. Our service professionals will conduct an evaluation of the premises. Starting with the stack emissions, followed by the air return, and then finally the furnace. It is from the inspection that we are educated on the proper services required for you specifically.

The tools we utilize are top of the market in duct cleaning. We employ the use of a stiff-bristled brush that spins up the particles lodged in your air ducts. To keep the debris from spreading further, we then run a high-pressure vacuum to remove the dirt. Usually, this simple cleaning is sufficient in reducing air pollution; however, sometimes, the fault is within the air duct itself. When this becomes the issue, we advise that a new air duct is installed.  

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